“Engineering viewing solutions for       radiation shielding applications”
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Precision cut/extruded gaskets are available at Hot Cell Services Corporation. An assortment of gasket materials are readily in stock to meet your shielding, sealing and dimensional requirements. URA-RAD gasket material is a tough, radiation resistant cast urethane elastomer specifically formulated and designed to withstand high levels of radiation. It has been  radiation tested to 1 x 109  Rads without significant radiation degradation. URA-RAD gasket material offers exceptional resistant to abrasion, impact, cutting and tearing. Its tensile strength is almost three times that of standard urethane material. It also has excellent resistance to oils and water while retaining high physical properties. It will not crack when subjected to high concentrations of ozone. The general working temperature range in air is -50O F to 200O F. URA-RAD gasket is available in 75 and 85 Shore A durometer hardness. It can be purchased in standard sheets of 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/4” thickness and in widths up to   4’-0” wide by 50’-0” long. Other sizes and thicknesses can be manufactured. Gaskets can be fabricated from sheet stock to meet your special requirements.
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