“Engineering viewing solutions for       radiation shielding applications”
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Hot Cell Services 22626 85th Place South Kent, WA 98031 Tel: 253-854-4945 Fax: 253-854-4947
About Hot Cell Services Corporation Hot Cell Services Corporation has been providing radiation shielding windows and services to the nuclear and medical industries since 1979. We design and manufacture a range of shielding windows varying from small lead glass bricks to large “dry” lead glass or “oil filled” lead glass windows, measuring up to six feet thick and weighing in excess of 24,000 pounds (11,000 kg). We also manufacture shielding windows for gloveboxes with gloveport holes machined to your specifications. Framed or unframed glovebox panels are available in lead glass, acrylic, lead acrylic and safety glass, or any combination of the above, laminated to meet your requirements. We provide shielding window refurbishment in our facility as well as installation, extraction and maintenance Services at the Customers facility. Our skilled technicians are Radworker II qualified and specifically trained to deal with radioactive contamination. Our products are manufactured under a Quality Assurance Program that conforms to ASME NQA-1. This program covers all aspects of our work including design, shielding calculations, metal fabrication, glass processing, assembly and testing within our facility.
About us